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We are living in time of change. Companies, both large and small, are finding it more difficult than ever to reach out to consumers. The reason is simple – your customers are tired of having irrelevant, meaningless ads shoved down their throats. So they are tuning you out:

  • They don’t read newspapers (and when they do, more often than not, they toss your print ads aside).
  • They skip over your direct mail, dropping it directly into the recycle bin on the way back from the mailbox. More and more consumers are opting to bypass the snail mail system altogether and are using the internet and email to handle their correspondence.
  • These same consumers might listen to a bit of radio on the way into work; however, just as often, they are filling up their MP3 players with the music and podcasts they want listen and ignoring your radio commercials.
  • They do not make purchasing decisions based on your billboards.

The game has changed and the playing field has been leveled. You can make a fuss about it. You can spend even more money, use the same ad agencies and same tired tactics. Or you can rethink your strategy and starting marketing to consumers in a way they will actually relate to and care about.

That’s what Marketing Matters is all about.

  • We care about developing business cultures and leaders that are passionate about what they are doing. They care. They willingly share their excitement with customers. They are innovative and engaged.
  • We love building retail environments, products and services that are customer centric. Customer service is key; however, engaging customers in a learning environment is even more powerful.
  • We are passionate about working with companies that are interested in sustainability and long-term, strategic community involvement.

We are small, but we pack a punch.

About Jason Sokol

Jason SokolJason Sokol is a marketing professional. His background includes experience in marketing, strategic planning, social media, consulting and education. He cares deeply about education, the riches life has to offer and sharing these things with those around him.

He currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife, Cassie, their dog, Carlie, and a mischievous cat named Sophie (both of whom pop up on this site from time to time). They spend time together on long walks, hiking, biking and camping.

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