About Jason

Marketer, Writer and Entrepreneur

In what ways can you develop a culture that builds customer? What drives customers to choose one retailer over another? How are digital communities built and how can they be used to enhance retail sales? These are just a few of the questions that drive Jason, but there is one question that resonates with him above all the other: How can marketing be used to help drive positive social change while helping businesses develop long-term, sustainable business results?

Jason began looking into this question in early 2007 while in graduate school. He had originally intended on studying journalism, but quickly discovered that marketing offered a greater potential for connecting the public and businesses along social goals that could change the world for the betterment of all.

For the past several years Jason has worked as a marketer and consultant for Associated Food Stores (Salt Lake City). He has been part of an elite, cross functional team that was tasked with helping independent retailers better understand the things they can do to create a consumer-friendly retail experience that will help drive loyalty and profits. Throughout that time, Jason has been heavily involved in numerous presentations, client relations, social media development, and project management.

Jason attended the University of Utah from 1992-1996 where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Education. After teaching school in Logan, Utah for four years, he decided to pursue one of his long-term goals, to earn a Master’s degree. He turned a dream into reality and pursued a Master’s in Professional Communication degree from Westminster College (Salt Lake City, UT).

Jason is looking for opportunities to connect with other marketers, entrepreneurs, small and large business owners and educators to help look for ways to harness the positive potential of marketing.


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