Exceptional Follow Through

I just received an rather interesting book in the mail. It is called “Earning Serendipity,” by Glenn Llopis. I will be digging more into the book later tonight.

I am actually quite excited to read this book. From what I can tell, Glenn has explored the traits that successful people have and uses this knowledge to help the reader develop her own path.

Like several of the other books I have read and reviewed here on the Damn Simple blog, I was contacted by the publisher and asked if I was interested in reading the book. I am always open to exploring new ideas and genres and I emphatically responded yes when asked about this book.

Here’s what I loved about receiving this book. Typically when a publisher sends a book out, the book just shows up. I guess they assume you know why you are getting it so there isn’t a note or any other info sent along with it. I was impressed with Glenn’s publisher. She sent along a handwritten note thanking me for reading the book and letting me know to contact her when I complete it so we can set up an interview with Glen.

Glenn – if you read this, make sure you thank Andrea. Though this is a simple extra, it is the type of customer service that earns loyalty.


One thought on “Exceptional Follow Through

  1. This type of personal connection is a very sharp strategy and quite a rarity in today’s “social” world. Sounds like Glenn connected with an excellent publisher. Looking forward to your take on the book.

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