10 Things I Learned from Tom Peter’s Vook on Excellence

Tom Peter's The Little Big Things: ExcellenceI started reading through the second of five Vooks that Tom Peter’s recently published. The series is based on his book, The Little Big Things (amazon affiliate link). This one was focused on excellence. It is a simple read and Tom’s videos are great.

The concept is simple – be excellent in everything you do. Whether you focused on work or life, Tom provides us with a clear challenge – why would you want to do anything in life that you are giving your all to?

Think about this question for a minute in relation to your life. Are there things you are doing today that you aren’t giving your all to? Come on, be honest with yourself. Maybe you have focused all of your time on work and your personal life is suffering. Perhaps you have a hobby that you’ve always wanted to pursue, but you have only been able to commit 10-15 minutes a week to it? What about that project at work that you’ve been procrastinating on for the last month?

Stop wasting time on the things you don’t love. Now is the time to find those things you love and pursue them with all your might. Be excellent. Here are 10 other things I learned from Tom:

  1. Excellence is a state of mind that can propel you beyond your current limits.
  2. Excellence can become your differentiator.
  3. Excellence doesn’t stop at the office.
  4. Excellence is a process that requires a commitment to continual learning.
  5. Excellence is not common.
  6. Excellence is all about hard work.
  7. Excellence is all about seeing a project through to the very end.
  8. Excellence is not something that most of your competitors are worried about.
  9. Excellence requires focus.
  10. Be excellent. Why would you want to be anything else?

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