2 Creativity Tools that Will Knock Your Socks Off!

lateral action blogI have been in a slump as of late. Between burning myself out with some rather intense workouts and a rather stressful few weeks as work as we go through some major growing pains, I finally hit the wall in a big way. I was tired, my body hurt a bit more than usual, and I really was struggling with motivating myself.

The solution was simple – I made sure I got a little more sleep; I switched up my diet; I changed my reading habits from solely reading business books; I forced myself to start having a little more fun; and I made concerted effort to immerse myself in some new projects. Along the way, I discovered two amazing tools that I wanted to share with you, especially if you are interested in honing your creative thinking abilities.

A Blog for Creative Action

I cannot remember how I happened upon the Lateral Action blog, but you should definitely check it out. Their whole mission is to help their readers tackle the challenge of becoming more marketable by becoming an amazing creative thinker. Currently, they post once a week, so you won’t become overwhelmed with reading. I really like this approach. Instead of putting out tons of material, they focus on providing one quality post a week. (note to self – remember this for future blog development)

They have also developed a free course. I signed up for it when it first launched and I continue to be impressed with the quality material they are sharing. If you are in marketing, are a creative, or just want to improve your own creative thinking skills, this is a site you should add to your feeds.

Sometimes All You Need is a Good Whack In the Head

No, don’t hit yourself, but if you are stuck on a problem, have I got the solution for you! I am always interested in finding new ways to approach a problem. There are a ton of free books out there, but the problem with all of them is that once you put the book away, returning to it can be a problem (maybe you left it at home, a coworker borrowed it, etc.). What if you could have a creative problem solving tool right in your hand whenever and wherever you need it?

Enter Creative Whack Pack. It is an iphone app that was developed to help you break out of your old thinking habits and help you develop new ways of thinking. I downloaded Whack Pack about a week ago and have used it several times, both with personal and professional issues. I am amazed at the apps simplicity and effectiveness. The app was created by Roger von Oech. He has a great site/blog that you might want to check out as well.

What are some of the tools you use to keep your thinking fresh and energetic? How are you injecting creativity into your life? What are some of your favorite creativity tools?

Check out Lateral Action and grab yourself a copy of Whack Pack today. You won’t be disappointed.


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