#WeeklyMarketingGems and #MyWeeklyRecap

Before we dive into our weekly gems and recap, I wanted to let you know that I will be moving my blog to another server soon. I will keep you posted on my progress and let you know when the site is up and ready. In the mean time, you will still be able to follow me here on my wordpress.com blog.

To find past gems, please search for me on Twitter (@jwsokol) or look for these tags: #weeklymarketinggems and #weeklyreview.

If you have suggestions for posts that should be featured here, please let me know (@jwsokol). I am always looking for great ideas and people who are finding ways to think about marketing in new ways.


Weekly Marketing Gems

Happy Halloween! (almost) Here in Utah, the kids will be out trick or treating tonight. It should be a blast to see all of the creative ways they have come up with to spook their neighbors. On a side note, here’s a quick poll for you. Who is your favorite horror movie villain?

Now let’s take a look at 10 of the best posts from this last week:

There’s No AND In Brand #2 – Andy Sernovitz, author of Word of Mouth Marketing, is a rockstar and he knows his stuff when it comes to marketing. In this post, he talks about the importance of sending a clear message about what your brand is about, especially when you are competing with the big boys.

How To: Optimize Your Social Media Strategy – There’s nothing more important in marketing than to have a strategy behind your various marketing efforts. In this post, Josh Peters explains how to add strategy to your social media, an often neglected piece of the strategy puzzle.

Stop Before You Have To – I have just started to learn more about Scott Stratten and his book Unmarketing (amazon affiliate link) is in my reading pile. This is post from Charlie and the Productive Flourishing blog talking about the importance of knowing when to stop. It is definitely worth a read and watch.

The ABCs of A|B Split Testing – Want to learn more about email marketing? If you do, Blue Sky Factory is definitely a company you should look at. Their blog is amazing and this particular post can help you learn how to hone your messaging and email marketing strategy using the mysterious A|B testing method. If you don’t know about A|B testing, you definitely should.

Marketing Strategy: Education-Based Marketing – Helping your customers learn about your products and services is one thing, but helping them achieve their goals via your products and services can help you stand out from all your competitors. What can you teach your customers?

6 Reasons to Keep Your Hobby a Hobby – Carol Roth takes on a number of entrepreneurs, writers and business professionals in this intriguing post. So often these days we are told to chase out passions and turn our loves into careers. Carol points out why this could end up being a big mistake.

Is Sesame Street Parody The News Brand Builder – @suzannevara is a rock star when it comes to marketing and in this post she talks about a hilarious subject – Sesame Street and what we as marketers can learn from this amazing company. You have to check out this post and start following her blog. Suzanne is someone you definitely want to get to know.

Why Social Media is Perfect for Brand Ambassador Campaigns – Stephanie Marcus shares 5 successful brand ambassador campaigns and what we can learn from them all.

Work/Life Balance. It Doesn’t – Struggling with figuring out the right combination of work and play in your life? Here’s a great article about one person’s insights into this ongoing battle.

Happiness Through Experience Marketing: How to Execute – Roy Osing provides us with another amazing article about how to deliver on a meaningful “BE DiFFERENT” strategy.

My Weekly Recap

Here’s a recap of this week’s Marketing Matters posts:

Monday: Halloween Countdown Spooktacular: #5 Ghosts

Tuesday: Halloween Countdown Spooktacular: #4 Vampires

Bonus: Zombifie Yourself

Wednesday: Halloween Countdown Spooktacular: #3 Werewolves

Thursday: Halloween Countdown Spooktacular: #2 Aliens

Friday: #1 Zombies: Are You Marketing to Zombies


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