#1 Zombies: Are You Marketing to Zombies?

zombies take to the streetsToday’s theme and the #1 all-time best movie monster – zombies.

They have been depicted in the movies for several decades now. They are the undead. Once human, now infected by a raging virus that stirs up an unquenchable hunger for human flesh. Some are slow. Others have super human physical strength. But one thing stands out about these hideous creatures – they are dumb and are driven to devour uninfected humans.

Zombies are pretty easy to kill. Typically a good shot to the head is all it takes. Zombie hunters worldwide have used all sorts of weapons against them – guns, flamethrowers, dynamite, axes, swords, frisbees, records, boards, golf clubs, bats, etc. Just about anything works. The trick seems to be to lure them in and catch them off guard. Throw out an innocent victim and wait. Once it approaches, sneak up from behind and whack!

Did you know that some marketers actually treat consumers like zombies? They try and lure them in with a cheap price or shiny new product. And then, WHACK! They’ve got ’em. Right? Is this how it really works?

Why Zombie Marketing Doesn’t Work

You cannot treat your customers like zombies. For the most part, they are well-intentioned, caring human beings. They have genuine needs and wants. Though they might fall for the occasional gimmick, they aren’t likely to become a loyal customer unless you provide a product or service that is meaningful to them.

Zombie marketing is easy. It might deliver short-term results if you are lucky, but don’t count on it to drive long-term, sustainable results. If anything, if you use too much of this type of marketing, you risk offending and driving your potential customers away.

Meaningful marketing is tough. It requires you to plan, to be creative, to have a keen understanding of what your customers really need from you. Sometimes it costs a lot of money, but in reality, it does not have to. What it really takes is patience because this type of marketing takes a long time to implement and get results from.

Are your customers zombies or humans? Are you focused on short-term pricing games or long-term business results?

image credit – minordetailspodcast.com


One thought on “#1 Zombies: Are You Marketing to Zombies?

  1. Hey Jason–nice analogy. I was reminded of a workshop I attended awhile back, and the presenter told us when consulting about mental health topics with non-MH professionals, the key was to treat everyone like a mentally well, competent individual, regardless of our opinions of said person. The same can be said of customers, I believe.

    Thanks for this and Happy Halloween!

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