Marketing Matters’ Halloween Week Countdown Spooktacular: #5 Ghosts

Welcome to Marketing Matters’ very own Halloween Week Countdown Spooktacular. Throughout the week, we will be counting down the top five Halloween monsters and ghouls while using them to look at some of marketing’s ins and outs. Run to your closet, grab a bat, and prepare. We are going to take on some of the wickedest monsters around.

#5 Ghosts

ghost lit up by flashlightYes, ghosts. I am not a big fan of these Halloween spooks but how can I not mention them. There are literally dozens of Hollywood classics that have been based upon a good ol’ haunting or possession. When I think of ghosts, the first movie that comes to mind is Poltergeist. I can remember how scary that movie was when I was a little kid. The sequels weren’t all that bad either.

I recently watched “A Haunting in Connecticut.” It was an okay movie. It was definitely suspenseful and if you are looking for a spooky movie to scare yourself with this Halloween week, you might want to put it on your list.

What’s the tie between Halloween ghosts and the marketing matters blog? I thought I would take a second to address ghost blogging. I’m not a fan. So much of blogging is about building credibility with your audience. If they find out that someone else is writing your blog posts for you, you risk losing your entire audience.

I suppose you can get away with it if you are a Hollywood celebrity, but even then, you really should ask yourself what your goal is. If it is to develop credible relationships with your audience, then you had better take time to write your own blogs or just not create on at all.

Writing your own blog is easier than you think:

  1. Before you set your blog up, write down the potential topics you could write about.
  2. Ask your customers and team members what they would like to see you write about.
  3. Think about what goals you have for your blog and write them down.
  4. If you are technically challenged, ask a friend or explore one of the simpler blogging services like Posterous, Blogger or Tumblr.
  5. Set up your blog and keep your design simple.
  6. Set a regular time to write.
  7. Go.

What will tomorrow bring? Which scary Halloween monster will we explore? Send me your thoughts on what it should be.

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2 thoughts on “Marketing Matters’ Halloween Week Countdown Spooktacular: #5 Ghosts

  1. Jason

    Great idea with the tie in with Halloween! Grumbles that I did not think of it.

    Anyway, I am not so against ghost bloggers. Some people are just better writers and get their point across better than others. or so many of us, blogging is easy but to others it is not the case. I sometimes mentionm the word blog and some people grimace as they know that they should be doing it but yet they are not great writers. Now, can you work hard and become a better writer, yes but if it does not fit in to the structure of the company and the blog is helping I can see where hiring a ghost blogger is beneficial.

    This blog is awesome as it never disappoints and always has me talking.


    1. Suzanne,

      I agree to a point. I understand what you are saying about the need for ghost bloggers (or ghost writers in general). But I would also say that in today’s business world so much of people’s credibility is built upon them using a personal and honest voice. I look at Chris Brogan and Seth Godin as examples. How would we react if we found out that they weren’t responsible for the brilliant writing on their blogs or in their books?

      I have had the pleasure of watching numerous people present some fantastic presentations. There is a magic that occurs when someone gets up and shares a presentation that she created. The slides and graphics might not be perfect, but the passion and authenticity that comes out in those moments far outweighs those presenting material that isn’t theirs.

      Sure, there’s a need for ghost bloggers; however, we can all learn to be better writers if we put our mind to it. Blogging has always been about the act of trying. Even the most timid of CEOs can learn to blog.

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