#WeeklyMarketingGems and #MyWeeklyRecap

Photo taken along the Alpine Loop, Fall 2009I like to take time out every Saturday to share some of the best marketing posts and articles that I have in the past week. To find past gems, please search for me on Twitter (@jwsokol) or look for these tags: #weeklymarketinggems and #weeklyreview.

If you have suggestions for posts that should be featured here, please let me know (@jwsokol). I am always looking for great ideas and people who are finding ways to think about marketing in new ways.


Weekly Marketing Gems

It’s been a busy week and I have a busy day ahead. Today I only have 6 gems and a short recap of this week’s Marketing Matters posts.

Have You Updated Your Twitter Background? – Andy Cook takes makes a quick couple of changes to his Twitter background as the new Twitter layout rolls out to all. Thanks for the help Andy and there will be more to come…

5 Google Reputation Management Techniques – Andy Beal reveals 5 great tips for managing your reputation on Google.

What Your Business Can Learn from Playing Madden Football on XBox – Carol Roth provides us with an interesting look at what can be learned from one of America’s favorite video games.

How To Bounce Out Of Bed Every Morning – Ever wonder how the early birds can wake up and consistently roll right into their days with all the enthusiasm they posses? Tim Brownson share a few great tips that can help you thrive early and win big.

Moving Day – Ever moved your wordpress account? I am working on that process right now and am just a little nervous. In this post, Ryan Imal gives us a few pointers on how to migrate our wordpress blog from one host to another. Cross your fingers! By the way, WPCandy.com is a great resource if you are using wordpress as your blogging platform.

Book Review: Corporate Social Responsibility – Jack Macholl share a review of a great book called “What Matters Most: How a Small Group of Pioneers Is Teaching Social Responsibility to Big Business and Why Big Business is Listening.” It sounds like an interesting book. I’ll be adding it to my Amazon wish list among the many other books that I want to read. I love Jack’s writing and he asks some fantastic questions.

My Weekly Recap

Here’s a recap of this week’s Marketing Matters posts:

Monday: Real-Time Marketing and PR Webcast with David Meerman Scott (hosted by vocus)

Tuesday: The 2 Biggest Business Blogging Challenges

Wednesday: It’s Not My Job

Thursday: What Makes Chris Brogan Great (and what you can do to be just like him)

Friday: Under The Dome, by Stephen King (book review)


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