Under the Dome, by Stephen King: Book Review

stephen king's under the domeFor those of us in the marketing world, understanding people, their motivations, and what we can do to reinforce their behaviors is of utmost importance when developing great campaigns. After watching people for a long time you start to pick up on some of the stranger things that go on. Have you ever noticed what happens when people find themselves in stressful situations? More often than not, their personalities are magnified and you get an opportunity to see a little more deeply into their true selves. That is the genius behind Stephen King’s book, “Under the Dome.”

I haven’t read a Stephen King book in years. In fact, I haven’t read much fiction at all for the last 5-6 years because I had purposely immersed myself in reading all things business and marketing.

I recently decided to make a change in my reading habits. Here’s why. I’ve been reading a great book by Carmine Gallow called, “The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs.” Carmine discusses a key attribute that lies behind a lot of great thinking – exposing yourself to lots of new stuff and then finding unique ways of connecting things. This is a lesson we should all take to heart no matter what path we have chosen for ourselves. Let’s get back to King’s book.

“Under the Dome” is absolutely brutal. King basically runs a hypothetical experiment to see what would happen when a small American town is suddenly thrust into chaos. He literally drops an impenetrable dome over a town and then let’s us watch as people vie for power, manipulate one another “for the greater good,” and allow themselves to be manipulated out fear and ignorance.

There’s no doubt that King was subtly playing off of historical events from the last 10 years, namely 9/11, the war on terrorism, and their surrounding politics. Overall, King’s little experiment is a cynical look at the ways politics and religion can be and are used to form perspectives and decisions world wide.

No, King’s book isn’t a marketing or business book. Nor is it high fiction that will change your view of the world. However, it is a suspense-filled, exciting read that will keep you up late at night reading page after page, looking for clues, and hoping these people are going to find a solution to their problem. King is a master story teller and his writing and ideas are crisper than ever.


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