What Makes Chris Brogan Great? (and what you can do to be just like him)

photo of chris brogan - black and whiteI can remember the first time I heard about Chris Brogan. He had made a comment on a blog post or in an interview where he revealed his consulting fee. I can remember chatting about it with a few buddies at work. I think everyone of us were thinking that finding a consulting gig might not be a bad idea. Shortly after, we decided to read Chris and Julien Smith’s book, “Trust Agents” (amazon affiliate link).

Chris and Julien’s book is great and they share a number of ideas that you can use to make a major impact in your life. Ever since then, I have been a big fan of Chris’ but there were parts to him that have remained a mystery until recently.

While on a long drive from Salt Lake City to St. George, I decided to listen to an audio book by Dave Logan and  called “Tribal Leadership” (amazon affiliate link). Several of us from work had read the book a couple years ago and it made a major impact on how we operated, but as listened to the book this time around, I picked up on a variety of insights that I had missed the first time around and this is where I finally figured out why Chris Brogan is such an amazing business leader.

If you are interested in evolving your career, “Tribal Leadership” (amazon affiliate link) is, by far, one of the most insightful books you will ever have the opportunity to read. Let’s face it, leadership is not a natural process for all of us and even if you have some leadership abilities, aren’t we all capable of getting better? This book breaks down leadership levels into five basic groups and then walks you through the characteristics of each and what you must do to progress and ultimately help others progress.

Without revealing too much about the book, Chris Brogan definitely falls between the 4th and 5th stages that are described in the book. What do these stages look like? Think about Chris for a minute. He is about bringing people together and helping businesses form thriving communities. He is genuinely interested in helping others succeed and find meaning in their lives.

If you want to learn to be more like Chris, you don’t need to:

  • Grow a big scruffy beard.
  • Buy a gorgeous Camero.
  • Make videos for your blog late into the night.

What you should do is:

  1. Stop reading this post.
  2. Head on over to Amazon and order a copy of “Tribal Leadership” (amazon affiliate link) and “Trust Agents.”
  3. Read “Tribal Leadership” first.
  4. Evaluate where you fall in the different stages listed in the book and start making the changes you need to in order to become a great leader.
  5. Read “Trust Agents” second and look for ways to accentuate the skills and ideas you learned in “Tribal Leadership.”
  6. Start building your tribe.

Good luck. God Speed. Go get ‘em.

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7 thoughts on “What Makes Chris Brogan Great? (and what you can do to be just like him)

  1. You forgot to add the links to the books. : ) I wanted to pick up Tribal Leadership, but I’ll wait so I can order it via your links.

    What I endeavor to do is teach a lot of people that they can take on the world on their own terms and leave it a better place. The age of robot cubicle farmers is coming to a close for a chunk of us. My goal is to help with that a bit.

    1. Chris,

      Thanks for the comment and offer to buy the book via my affiliate link. I am currently using WordPress.com as my blog host and am in the process of migrating my blog to a self hosted option (week or two out). I do not want to hold up your purchase. It is an amazing book and well worth reading.

      Thanks for all you hard work and efforts. Your commitment to empowering others to take control of their lives is admirable.

      Keep on rockin’,


  2. Jason

    What makes Chris Brogan amazing is his dedication to the community and the people within it. He, like many of us, spend a lot of time in the social media space and while too many are seeing the bottom line and how to increase profits, easy ways to get there, he is out there day after day teaching to whom will listen. Sure he cares about profits, he has a family to feed, shelter and clothe, but he cares so much about the people.

    If we break it down a little simpler here, when we are willing to help people everyday all day, we are giving a lot of ourselves however we are building a community and an army (I just commented on another one of your posts about building a community) around us that are resources for us but we also become a resource for them. That is what is so powerful about social media. Too many do not see it as they are pushing real hard to get to the money. They see you or me and if we are in the “same industry” they move on as we will not be their client but what is forgotten is that maybe a client is not the right fit for us and we want someone to refer it to or consult with (at a fee of course). Hey my most experience is with casinos, restaurants and real estate. If someone came to me that was better suited for you, um, instead of struggling, I call you and we work it out on whether it is a consulting fee or I get a referral fee and the client goes your way.

    That is why Chris Brogan is so great. He is dedicated, helps people and builds an army around him. Seems easy but yet for some a bit too much trouble.

    And of course I may be biased as to why Chris is so great as his friend. I can never say enough good things about him. I will stop here as this is getting a bit long. I can go on forever about him!


    1. Suzanne,

      I agree. Chris is a brilliant and selfless individual. He is completely capable of running a successful business and making tons of money, all while keeping the secrets to himself. However, he continually strives to help all of us in the social media community, his readers, and those who are lucky enough to hear him speak.

      His latest online effort is another breakthrough – My Escape Velocity. Again, he and a group of awesome people are working hard to share their experiences, insights, and hard-learned lessons so all the rest of us can share in their wisdom.

      You are lucky to be able to call him a friend. I’ve never met him. I have read his and Julien’s book and am a regular reader of his blog. I hope to have an opportunity to have an opportunity to meet him someday.

      By the way, you are pretty amazing yourself (if you haven’t visited Suzanne’s blog, now would be a great time). I have only been following your blog for about a month now. Yet I have had more interaction with you than anyone else I have ever met online. Thanks for all the attention, advice and comments.


      1. Jason

        I guess he does not get up to SLC very often. However you are close to DJ Waldow of Blue Sky Factory (another fav of mine) so you are not so much at a loss. Though really there is no substitute for Chris as he is a gem.

        I am inspired and humbled that this is your most interaction with someone you met online but yet a bit deflated as it makes me think how can we get more people together and talking to one another. I like your blog a lot so I keep coming back and I enjoy the interaction that we have. I know others would too but yet there is hesitation, the excuse of being too busy (aka chasing the numbers and the coattails of the a-listers). I am trying to wrap my arms around this as building communities and bringing people together is what I really enjoy.

        Well as I try and figure this all out, keep on rocking it here on the blog as I will always be here.


      2. Oh! Thanks for the tip. I’ve heard of Blue Sky Factory, but I have not ever learned much about DJ. I’ve added their blog to my RSS reader. Anyone else that you would recommend?

        As you move forward, I would love to learn with you and help out where I can. My roles in life and work are changing such that I am finding myself being given more opportunities to help others. I love it and am always looking for advice on building communities, empowering others, and helping them deliver results. What you and others like you are doing is incredibly valuable. Being a part of it would be an honor.


        P.S. Can I borrow from your example? I hadn’t thought of using my twitter username to sign comments with. You alright with this? @jwsokol

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