4 thoughts on “It is not my job!

  1. Jason, really enjoyed this post. I agree that asking good questions and taking ownership of assignments (or picking up slack that others leave) is essential to success. Finding balance in life has always been and will likely continue grow as a life challenge. Many of Seth Godin’s recent writings discuss this topic in depth (Linchpin-a great book). Mediocrity is clearly a personal choice.

  2. Jason

    This is why people need to build a community around them. Not a bunch of cheerleaders but people with a different skill set as if something does arise with a client they can easily go to a person in their community and be able to assist the client flawlessly. It cannot be expected that we know everything but in those initial talks with the client as you speak of, you will be able to see if you will even be able to help the client or have the available resources at your fingertips to do so.

    If you do not have the available resources to help, the client will always find someone who does and if you try and fake it, that is your reputation and unhappy client.

    1. Suzanne,

      Excellent comments. I hadn’t thought of this from the perspective you proposed. You are correct. There is an integrity component that goes along with accepting responsibilities. Whether it is a personal or professional project, understanding your personal limitations and access to resources is tantamount to your and your client’s success. I love your ability to bring a new perspective to these conversations. Thank you so much
      for your insights and contributions to the blogger community.


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