Goals – shhhhh! Keep them a secret.

What advice have you been given on goal setting? Conventional wisdom would tell you to share your goals with friends and family – the thought being that you are more likely to see goals through because of the social pressure involved. But what if conventional wisdom isn’t correct?

Check out Derek Sivers recent TED Talk where he once again challenges our beliefs.

What works for you when it comes to setting goals? Have you told friends or family? Did it help? Or did you keep I a secret?


7 thoughts on “Goals – shhhhh! Keep them a secret.

  1. Goal setting is a very personal and often lonely place. As an entrepreneur well meaning family members and friends often suggest the “secure route” or “stability” options for employment. From my vantage point its advisable to respectfully thank them for their input and make the decision that works best for your life plan and family responsibilities/relationship.

    1. Jack,

      Well spoken. Thanks for the tips and suggestions. Can I ask you a question? As an entrepreneur, how do you bridge the gap between being an entrepreneur and providing stability? My wife is an incredibly supportive person, but when I mention some of my long-term entrepreneurial goals, she gets nervous. How are you balancing these factors?

  2. Jason

    Ohhh great topic and article. I immediately thought of not sharing the goal but sharing the strategy and tactics to get to the goal. Kind of like let them figure out the end goal without saying it. Let them have the input on what you are doing without telling them per se. I find when you share the goal, that people focus on that instead of the route to get there. Allow them the route so it can shape the goal or reinforce what you were thinking to get to the goal.

    The goal has steps and telling people the goal makes it open for discussion to change the goal. Discussing the tactics of what you are thinking about doing helps to push a direction. It is broad and somewhat closes down the opinions of changing the goal but opens up ways to drive the thought process to get there.

    Love the way you write as it opens up so many thoughts and ideas. Thank you for that.


    1. Great points Suzanne. I really debated with myself about this post. I’ve always heard that sharing goals is important, but then I ran in Derek’s video and found myself questioning these beliefs. What I am starting to find is that, for myself, finding those around me that understand what I am up to and sharing relevant goals with them is the way to go. No one in my family understands why I blog. But I can come here and share my blogging goals with my blogging buddies. They get it and can offer the right advice.

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