Developing A Social Media Plan

The other day I set up a facebook fan page for a project I have been working on. It is a nice feeling when you step back and realize that you joined the ranks of tens of thousands of other businesses that are also on facebook. Have you ever looked closely at what some of your competitors are up to? If you have, you might have noticed something interesting.

Take a look around facebook, twitter, myspace, etc. and see what your competition is up to. You’ll probably discover some that I did as well – social media is full of businesses who have fallen into the “me too” trap. They are there simply because their competitor is there and because of this most business social efforts are completely lame.

There’s no doubt that most businesses can benefit from social media in some way. But you should think carefully about how it will benefit you and in what ways you are willing to truly engage your customers.


4 thoughts on “Developing A Social Media Plan

  1. Great post Jason to get people thinking about how critical it is to BE DiFFERENT in every aspect of business. If you are not Remarkable ad Unforgettable in the content you provide in Social Media you will BE InVISIBLE and will BE IgNORED.

    What’s your BE DiFFERENT Social Media Strategy…. that’s the question everyone should ask. Why should I read YOUR blog as opposed to anyone else?

    What’s your ONLY Statement regarding your website?

    Food for thought.

    1. Roy,

      You are always dead on with your assessments which is why I have returned to your work so often in the past few months. I talk all of your suggestions to heart and I am currently working on addressing your questions, both from a personal branding and business standpoint. I am currently working on a revamped, rebranded blog/site that will take my BE DiFFERENT strategy to a whole new level.

      As always, your insights and remarkable ideas are welcome,


  2. Jason

    This I hold close to me as I see so many jumping on the bandwagon with thoughts of big dollars and not a big plan. Social media from the brand to the customer is: awareness, conversation, dialogue and engagement.

    Customer to the brand: learn how I like to be treated, learn my buying preferences, buying habits, propensity to buy, purchasing power, trust in you to purchase and then repeat purchases, loyalty and WOM.

    In here there is a plan that has to be made to see how you will get the customer to become aware of you, how they like to be marketed to, is this customer really someone you should invest the time into or are they not really your target? What is the general consensus about the brand and how do the customers speak of the brand, are your customers social media newbies, readers and not talkers/engagers or are they enthusiasts that have a hard time walking way from the world of online? This is part of the plan.

    It is so much more then slapping up a pretty page and asking questions, promoting the brand, specials and wanting the sales.


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