Flight vs. Invisibility

superhero flying through the airIf you could choose between these two super powers, which would you choose – flight or invisibility? Why?

This last week the public radio program, This American Life asked this very question and explored the meaning behind people’s answers. You should definitely listen to the program if you have some time. Listening to the program led me to a similar question – is your marketing about flight or is it invisible?

To understand what I mean by this question you must dig deeper into the essence of the first question. There were two schools of thought on the program. The first said that most people would choose flight. Why? Because choosing invisibility would indicate that you had problems. It assumed that you would ultimately use the power for evil reasons.

The second school of thought went like this – truth be told, the majority of us would choose invisibility. You might say that this view was held by those who felt that we as am race are motivated by less-than altruistic virtues. They also felt that by choosing flight you were showing that you had a slight hero complex coupled with an over inflated ego. Now let’s return to the question at hand, where does your marketing fit into this scheme?

Used-Car Salesman or Honorable Marketer?

Are you trying to deceive customers? Are you willing to tell them anything in order to get them to buy your products? Do you lie or exaggerate about the benefits of your service? We have all done business with people like this. After dealing with him, you walk out of the store feeling pretty good about your decision; however, by the time you get home you have already realized that you made a bad decision but you are stuck with what you bought. The bad news is that we won’t ever get rid of these types of business people, salesmen and marketers.

Or does your marketing start with unbelievable products and services matched with equally great marketing? Does your product or service genuinely solve your customers’ problems or do they enhance their lives in someway? Do you have a remarkable story to share with your customers? Do you treat them like humans instead of walking wallets? If you are genuine in what you are selling you will find that your results will be sustainable. You will also be able to do business with a clear conscience.

The choice is pretty simple. Will you be a used-car salesman or an honorable marketer?

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