Weekly Gems and Recap

Herriman, UT - fire photoWhat an eventful week. I don’t know how yours went, but mine was filled with all sorts of drama, including having to be evacuated from my home because of wildfire that was sweeping through our community. All is well and we survived the storm, so let’s dive into this week’s weekly gems.

Weekly Gems

Got Community? 5 Ways to Foster It on Your Blog – AriWriter shares five great tips for how to get others involved in your blogging adventures.

Facebook Sells Your Friends – Mark and the crew at facebook continue to push boundaries as well as their users’ patience with more and more ties to marketers. What is your take on facebook’s privacy policies and willingness to sell access to your information?

Foursquare Experimenting with Recommendation Engine – Foursquare is continuing to push the edge with an interesting new feature that will allow the company to send you recommended places to visit based on your past history.

Weekly Recap

Monday – Objectified: A Review – a quick review of the movie, Objectified.

Tuesday – All Hands on Deck Marketers – a look at the difference on team member can make to a business’ bottom line.

Wednesday – Twitter Saves the World – we examine how Herriman city officials used Twitter to keep a community during a raging wildfire.

Thursday – Emotion vs. Efficiency – how can efficiency screw up your emotional connection with customers?

Friday – Does Your Online Experience Match Up with Your In-Store Experience? – no description required…


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