Weekly Gems

It has been a wild week indeed. I am busier than ever and have had to face many new challenges over the last seven days. All is well, but I am glad it is over.

The good news is that I have survived it all, as have a number of people that I love dearly. We will be moving forward with a passion and commitment like you have never seen before.

Weekly Gems

How to Use a Writing Frame – I am always amazed by Chris Brogan’s commitment to helping others succeed. In this post, he shares a great tool that can help with your writing. Whether you are a blogger or a high school student that is looking to improve your essay writing skills, Chris’ methodology is one you should take note of.

Turning the Tables on Critical Trolls – I have been trying to avoid linking to too many well-known bloggers as of late. My goal has been to form better relations with other bloggers (Chris and Seth are way out of my league at the moment). However, I could not pass up an opportunity to share this post from Seth Godin. If you have ever pushed yourself to the edge and challenged conventional thought, you have undoubtedly ran into trolls. They are the guys that want to pull you back to Earth; the idiots that hate change. Seth has undoubtedly ran into his fair share of these and in this post he explains a great way to deal with them.

Facebook vs. Foursquare: Who Will Prevail in Geo Marketing? – If you are interested in learning more about location-based marketing (or geo-marketing), check out this great article by Derek Brown. Derek recounts his experience with both services and provides an honest assessment of who has the upper had in this battle. He seems to be right on with his thinking, but you will have to head on over to his blog to learn more.

School Bus Advertising – Viable Revenue Stream or Going Too Far? – Part of the reason that I got into marketing in the first place was because I dreamed of making a difference in the world. Early in graduate school, I realized that marketing offered more potential than journalism as a catalyst for positive change. Suzanne Vara’s honest look at a trend I hadn’t even learned about until now was an eye opener. Like Suzanne, I don’t have an incredibly strong opinion on this one as of yet, but I do wonder about the motives of such advertisement. I have more questions at this point than I do answers:

  • If you were the school district, why not take advantage of this space and use it as another way to connect with their students?
  • Will advertisers simply use the space as “selling space” or will they think beyond and be massively creative?
  • What if the school district and advertisers partnered in such a way that they could use the space to positively impact students with corporate-sponsored campaigns that went beyond just selling new products?

Jamie Oliver’s Secret Weapon: “I Tried Something New” Stickers – It probably is not a secret at this point – I am a big fan of Jamie Oliver’s effort to stamp out childhood obesity. In this blog post, Scott Cowley takes a look at one of Jamie’s many innovative tactics – the good ol’ fashioned sticker. Great post Scott!

Weekly Recap

Monday – The Little Big Things: Strategy (Vook) – Review

Tuesday – The Emotions: Increasing Customer Loyalty

Wednesday – Back to Basics

Thursday – In Advertising News: Groupon and Facebook Places, What Makes Steve Jobs So Innovative?

Friday – Brand Simple


One thought on “Weekly Gems

  1. Jason

    You bring up fantastic questions here about the school bus advertising. It would be great if they had the staff to be able to really take control of this and see it is as means of raising funds to bring back programs while at the same time making an impact upon students. Unfortunately it brings us to the question of who will be in charge of this and what is their marketing experience to be able to reach out and have that creative advertising that is for the students and not filling space with the local business ad. The advertiser has to have a return or they will not continue and I do understand that but at what expense?

    Excellent questions and thank you so very much for including this in your weekly gems. I am very appreciative that you chose the article to share with your audience.


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