What Makes Steve Jobs So Innovative?

Innovation Secrets of Steve JobsHave you ever wondered what makes Steve Jobs tick? How did become so creative? What are his secrets to innovation? You no longer need to wonder because Carmine Gallow is about to release a new book called “The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs: Insanely Different Principles for Breakthrough Success” (amazon affiliate link).

I was fortunate enough to be given a copy of Carmine’s book by the publisher prior to the launch date which is set for early October. Having read Carmine’s earlier book, “Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs” (amazon affiliate link), I was excited to have an opportunity to read this book. I am now about four six chapters into it and am completely enthralled.

One of the things I love most about the book is that Carmine takes a fresh look at innovation and breaks away from process-oriented visions of what innovation looks like. Instead, he talks about how Jobs has infused the Apple culture with innovation by following seven key principles. I won’t go into all seven principles in this post, but I will quickly reveal one of my favorites so far – associate.

Carmine points out that Steve has lived a rather diverse life. His exposure to many different belief systems, ideas and cultures has helped him to perceive the world in a way that most people simply cannot. But there is still hope for all the rest of us. As Carmine points out, everyone can learn to see the world differently by exposing their minds to lots of new experiences. From these experience, true innovation comes from our ability to make new associations between all of your new knowledge and the old stuff in your head. Learning and associating your learning is where innovation happens.

I will follow up in a week or so with a final review of “The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs.” Until then, be sure to pre order your copy of the book today.


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