Back To Basics

Hi there. Does this sound familiar?

  • Customer counts are down.
  • They aren’t spending as much.
  • They are more deal driven than every.
  • Yet they expect more than ever!

It does not look as if the economy is going to rev itself back to normal anytime soon and if you are a small business owner, you are probably feeling the pressures. The tricky part of this situation is that the best businesses seem to be stepping up their tactics. Now you have to do something.

First of all, don’t overeact and fall into the trap of becoming reactionary. Go back to your core. Take a look at your vision, mission and values. Now pick a few key items to work on. Don’t do ten. Seven is too many. Just focus on two or three and do them better than anyone.

As you are trying to decide what actions to pick, you will be best served by selecting actions that will make the largest impact on your business in the shortest amount of time. This might sound silly, but what if your customer services sucks and you keep hearing about it from your customers. Let’s say that that the first thing you want to focus on is smiling. If this is the case, drive this initiative home. Get your team involved and share your vision. Talk about the solutions. More importantly, explain why this is so important.

What you choose does not have to be fancy. Just make sure it is genuine and that it actually helps you move forward with your business strategy.

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