The Emotions: Increasing Customer Loyalty (SBM 101)

Small Business Marketing 101Are you a photographer? Do you enjoy taking photos as a way to record, share and remember the various events of your life? As a child, did your parents do the same? One of the greatest marketing campaigns of all time understood that our ability to record life’s many events and help us remember and relive our greatest moments is an incredibly powerful way to connect with consumers.

Almost every single holiday that I experienced as a kid was accompanied by a massive instant camera. Unlike today’s digital cameras, the instant cameras allowed you to take a photo and instantly print it. The film would loudly roll out of the camera wit a mechanical “wrrrrr” sound and you would gently wave the photo in the air giving it time to dry and process. About two minutes later, you’d end up with a photo.

Charlie the Shih TzuKodak came up with the “a photo is worth a thousand words” campaign knowing how incredibly powerful it can be when a company’s product or service connects on an emotional level with consumers. This campaign was so powerful that Kodak has resurrected it today. They now run a blog called Kodak: A Thousand Words where Kodak users can share their stories and photos from meaningful times in their lives. One of the cool things about this is that we love learn about and hear other people’s stories making this a powerful marketing tool.

What it comes down to is simple – we want to live extraordinary lives and companies that can help us do this in one way or another have an opportunity to build long-term, sustainable relationships with consumers.

Let’s turn back to your business. Are you just selling products or services or are you finding ways to make them a valued part of your customers’ lives? How are you connecting with them on an emotional level? Are you looking for ways to extend your relationship with customers such that they feel you are a sincere partner in their lives? Are you helping your customers live better lives and make better stories?

Here’s to your marketing success,

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