The Little Big Things: Strategy (Vook) – Review

The Little Big Things by Tom PetersDisclaimer – I was recently given the chance to review Tom Peter’s newest Vook, The Little Big Things. I’ve been a customer of Vook before and I really appreciate them giving me the opportunity to review all five of Tom’s Vook collection.

This review is the first of five parts. In this post, I will be focusing on the first of Tom’s Vooks, “The Little Big Things: Strategy.”

Tom Peters is an amazing guy. Until now, I have not had an opportunity to read any of his books. But after reading “The Little Big Things” I will be exploring more of Tom’s writing.

The essence of the strategy Vook is simple. Tom nails down a number of those simple things you should be paying attention to but often don’t because of time or other pressures. The problem for you dear reader is that not paying attention to those little things is what will end up turning your customers away.

Things to do: Buy “Little Big Things” and start implementing Tom’s ideas.

I love the Little Big Things: Strategy Vook, mainly because you get 11 or so 2-3 minute long videos of Tom talking about his ideas and sharing insights. The Vook definitely helps with learning the material and retaining it. If you prefer a regular book, so be it.

Not convinced? Keep reading.

The Strategy Vook starts out simple – ‘go check and change the message on your business’ answering machine.’ It is such a simple point, but it has much broader application. Why not step back and look at the impressions your different customer touch points make. Start with the answering machine:

  1. Do you routinely refresh the message?
  2. If not, you should.
  3. If you do, what type of tone and language do you use?
  4. How does your message leave your customers feeling?

Extend this out. How do your team members answer your phones? Try this:

  1. Call your store and listen.
  2. Try calling at different times to see how your entire team answers the phone.
  3. If the wrong impression is being made, sit down with your team and devise a solution together.

This same process can be used for every single one of your customer touch points. Have you ever looked at what is going on in each of them?

One of the observations that Tom makes in the book was that human contact is the single most important factor in determining customer satisfaction. This probably isn’t new to you, but the context of Tom’s observation is important. Tom sites an extensive study that was done in American hospitals. The researchers asked a simple question – what were the determining factors that led to higher rates of patient satisfaction?

You might think that “getting better” might lead that list. I did and I was dead wrong. The patients’ health and outcomes did not factor into their satisfaction. What they were concerned with was being treated like a human being. If they were talked to, listened to, smiled at, etc. they were happy and they rated their satisfaction much higher because of it. Now think of this in terms of your business. Are you:

  • Maximizing your opportunities to have human contact with your customers?
  • Listening to you customers needs and wants?
  • Finding ways to get your customers involved in your internal business dialogue?
  • Doing simple things like shaking their hands, getting to know them by name, and smiling at them?
  • Treating them like good, decent human beings?

To Vook or Not To Vook?

Here’s the choice you are faced with. Do you get Tom’s book or the Vook? I am an avid reader and over the last year I made the transition away from paper books to digital books. I started on a Kindle and have recently upgraded to the Apple iPad. When I have the choice, I have gone with the Vook and have yet to be disappointed. Having video build into a book is an amazing experience. If you are on a iPhone, iPad or computer, you can take advantage of this great technology.

Keep your eye on Vook. They are definitely a gem and I look forward to where they go with their product.

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