Weekly Gems and Recap

Weekly Gems

A First Tour of the 9/11 Museum – Fast Code Design shares photos of the museum along with some video of the entire building process.

As A Nation We Unite And Remember – A beautiful tribute to 9/11.

One Way Sept. 11 Changed Me – Chris Brogan shares a rather interesting take on how 9/11 impacted his life. It is by far one of the most honest and proactive views on the tragedy that I have ever read. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

5 Ways to Blog Like Bruce Lee – Use Bruce Lee’s teachings about Jeet Kune Do to take your blog in an exciting new direction.

BE DiFFERENT YOU! Change Leaders Needed – Roy Osing takes a look at the difference between change managers and change leaders and what you need to do in order to succeed in today’s ultra competitive business climate.

Facebook Places Propels SCVNGR – Location-based apps are definitely finding their use in the marketing world, but super cool SCVNGR is poised to take checkins to an entirely new level.

Weekly Recap

Monday – Vook: Then and Now – In this post, I take another look at Vook, a company that is taking the ebook in a whole new direction.

Tuesday – How to Write An Amazing Blog? – A few tips on how to take your blog writing to an entirely new level.

Wednesday – Pilot Handwriting Revisited – I take another look at a cool marketing program that Pilot pens has put together.

Thursday – Choices: A Perplexing Thought – Sheena Iyengar shares her thoughts about choices at TED Talks.

Friday – Marketing Via Education – How to use education as a marketing tool for your small business.


One thought on “Weekly Gems and Recap

  1. Jason

    Thank you so very much for including the As A Nation, We Unite and Remember article with such great company of the others mentioned.

    It was a day that we will not forget and as we tell our kids about it the impact will still be fresh in our minds.

    I thank you again and also for your kind words about the post. One that was definitely from the heart and the fingers did the talking.

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