Pilot Handwriting Revisited

Let’s take another look at Pilot’s recent venture into web marketing. You have to give the company credit. As more and more people move to digital media as their main form of writing and even note taking, the pen maker is making an attempt to fight back and remain relevant.

Introducing PilotHandwriting.com. The new site allows you to scan in a copy of your own handwriting via you computer’s web cam and then write emails in your own handwriting. The concept is pretty cool, but as I have thought about it, I keep wondering who they had hoped would use the site.

As I have looked at and thought about the site, I keep getting a nagging suspicion that they didn’t clearly identify a small audience, instead they seem to be shooting wildly into the web hoping the site catches on.

What if they went after a small niche of pen users that absolutely love their own handwriting and also cares a great deal about sharing messages “with personality”? Why not design this site specifically for teenage girls and then go after them on sites they actually use (facebook and myspace)? How else would take the time to write out and scan their own handwriting?

The other thing I struggled with is the site. I am sure they are getting some traffic; however, could they get more had they invested their efforts in developing a tool that could easily be used elsewhere? Why not an actual facebook app? Could they have developed a widget that could be used right on a computer that sent out branded letters, sticky notes, and other hand written fun that young girls seem to love so much? I would think that as long as you made the download and install process easy enough, you could build the app in such a way that it required note sharers to download the app in order to receive notes as well. It seems like it would have much better viral potential.

What are your thoughts? Do you like the site? Would you do anything to improve their campaign? Is there a particular audience that you would target?

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts,

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