Weekly Gems and Recap

Weekly Gems

This week’s gems offer up tips on how to improve your business’ facebook page, how to get more speaking gigs by improving your branding, why you should be using facebook, and how IKEA is using a game of hide and seek as a viral marketing opportunity.

How To Get The Most Our Of Your Business Facebook Page

Susan Payton provides an honest look at what you should be doing with your facebook fan page. I loved Susan’s approach to this article. Her insistence that the reader pull up and review her own fan page while reading the post is a nice learning experience. Her honesty and insight is wonderful.

If anything, do not overlook her section on creating a facebook strategy. Using good tactics is okay, but paring them with a real strategy and metrics is the foundation of good marketing.

WordPress By The Numbers

If you are running a blog, hopefully it is set up on the WordPress platform. If you still have not set up a blog for your business, there is no better time than now. This article is a great iconographic that overviews what it is and why you should choose it as your blogging platform.

Mission Statements That Don’t Suck! (Vide0)

Dan Heath offers his tips for creating a killer mission statement and shares the pitfalls you should avoid.

Become a Professional Speaker – Branding (Video)

Johnny Campbell discusses the steps you need to take to brand yourself and improve your speaking gigs.

IKEA Turns Customer Behavior Into Viral Marketing

This is hilarious. I have not done this, but I might have to give it a try. Cynthia Boris gives us a glimpse at how an Australian IKEA location took a massive game of hide and seek and turned it into an incredible marketing opportunity.

Weekly Recap

Monday – Seth Godin’s “Unleashing the Super Idea Virus” Vook – Review

Tuesday – Cause Marketing and Your Business

Wednesday – Does Your Business Need a Blog?

Thursday – Ready To Set Up Your Business Blog? 5 Questions You Should Ask.

Friday – Got Blog? What Next?


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