Got blog? What next? (Business and Blogging)

So you finally set up your first business blog. Congratulations. Now what in the world have you got planned for it?

editorial calendarLarge newspaper and magazine companies (those that are still alive) typically use what is known as an editorial calendar.  Yesterday we talked about your writing categories. Now what you will want to do is determine how often you will post each week and which of the categories you will focus on each day:

  • Over the course of a week, what will your focus be?
  • Is it the same over a two or three-week period?

You might want to pull out a piece of paper or open up Word and draw this out. Better yet, set up a Google Calendar (what I am currently using) and plan out your next week’s posts.

You might simply start with your categories (Monday = category a, Tuesday = category c, etc.). Then, think through your objectives with each category:

  • Are you taking your readers on a specific path with a certain category?
  • What are you trying to accomplish as you tell your company story in this category?
  • If you are selling, how will you continue to sell your value proposition over time (with annoying people)?

Here’s a great resource as your start your planning.


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