Does Your Business Need a Blog? (Business and Blogging)

Do you blog? Have you blogged about your business? If not, why?

Let me clarify one issue – I love blogging. I am incredibly biased on this matter and have strong opinions about blogging’s value.  I have yet to discover a more affordable or powerful way to share a company’s story over a sustained amount of time. Here are the benefits of a blog:

  1. They are easy to set up
  2. Many platforms are free (WordPress is my favorite, though there are many great alternatives – blogger and tumblr both come to mind
  3. Once set up, you have the power to update it at will
  4. You don’t have to lean on your IT guy to make updates (in fact, with a blog, you might not need to ever contact your IT guy)
  5. Blogs are flexible – besides typing messages, you can literally imbed almost any form of media you can image (photos, video, sound, etc.)

There is a downside to having a blog.

  1. 1. You have to do something with it – you know, like add an entry once in a while.

Many companies rush to build a website or get onto facebook or Twitter. All of these are excellent tools; however, none of them will take you as far as having a blog. Here’s what I would recommend if you are looking to get your business online and your resources are limited (possibly the shortest Internet marketing plan around):

  1. Set up a blog and use it for a while. Go with WordPress and pay someone to help you host your own.
  2. Add in a website (if you really need one) – think about this one carefully; if your website is largely going to be used for information/communication, you might not need one.
  3. Set up a facebook fan page and make sure you link your blog (via the facebook/wordpress app) so your posts automatically feed into your facebook page’s status

This is a basic approach, but it will get you started on the right path. The key is to stay focused on your business goals and not get distracted by all of the Web’s shiny objects.

Don’t take my word for it. Watch Seth Godin and Tom Peters discuss blogging.


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