Seth Godin’s “Unleashing the Super Idea Virus” on Vook

Seth Godin's Super Idea VirusHave you tried a Vook yet? If so, what did you think? If not, what in the heck is holding you up?

It has been a while since I posted about a book I’ve been reading and it seems fit to use this opportunity to talk about something rather special, Seth Godin’s “Unleashing the Super Idea Virus” on Vook. Before I get into Seth’s book, let me answer a question that is probably on your mind – what in the world is a Vook?

Vook Explained

If you have not heard of Vook, now is definitely the time. Vook is company that is helping authors take their books and turn them into a multimedia experience. Vooks can be downloaded to your iPad or iPhone via the Apple app store. An online version is also available for the non-Apple users.For the reader, this means that you are no longer limited to just reading a book, now you can get in depth commentary from the author in video format. The author interviews include everything from extra ideas to further discussion about case studies.

What has been fun for me to watch has been how well Vook engages readers using social media. While trying my first Vook, I had a couple issues and sent a Tweet to the Vook team about it. About a day later, they thanked me for my feedback and mentioned that they were working on a fix. It wasn’t long afterward that the fix I had hoped for came through in an update.

The Vook team has also emailed and tweeted updates to me about new books that might be of interest. They have really made engaging their users on a personal level. I even got a big surprise from them recently that I will talk about at the end of this post. Let’s shift gears and talk a bit about Seth’s book.

Unleashing the Super Idea Virus

I really enjoyed Seth’s book. It is older and many of you may have read it already; however, it is by far one of the best looks at what viral marketing is and what goes into making an effective campaign. Seth talks about the ingredients that are necessary when building a viral campaign. Having participated in a couple of these campaigns, I will totally admit that I wish I had read Seth’s book before.

Seth places great importance on identifying and targeting a select niche when creating viral campaigns. Failing to do this is all too common among many businesses. One interesting thing to point out is that Vook seems to have taken Godin seriously as they developed their own products and marketing efforts.

Watching Godin’s videos in tandem with the book was a big help. As you read about the examples he wrote about, you also had a chance to see what they looked like in the real world. Some of the videos even had interviews with the teams who were involved in the campaigns he shares. All I can say is that the Vook really enhances the reading experience. Not only is it more entertaining, I’d argue that you actually learn more.

A Vook Surprise

Remember how I mentioned a surprise? As I was finishing “Idea Virus” the Vook team contacted me with a tweet and told me about an exciting new Vook they were launching – Tom Peters’ Little Big Things. I had already purchased the book and had it sitting in my “to read” pile (yes, it is a pile right now), but the idea of getting a more a closer look at Tom’s brilliant mind was tempting. Have you seen the book? It is huge and filled with hundreds of great ideas (litte ones) that can be implemented and used to help business and business people improve their ways.

Tom’s Vook is actually broke into four separate Vooks – strategy, excellence, leadership, and you. At first, I was a bent out of shape about one book being broke out into four parts. However, I had to remind myself that Tom’s book is huge (you will not be reading it in one weekend). The cool part of this whole thing is that Vook has given me an opportunity to preview all four of the books for free.

I started Little Big Things: Strategy about three days ago and it looks to be quite promising. Oh, and one more thing, the newer Vook features a number of new features that were not available in Godin’s book. I will be reporting back on all four of the Vooks as well as the new features in the next several weeks. Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

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P.S. Incase you missed it, here’s a great video of Seth discussing the viral genius behind Google.


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