Weekly Gems and Recap

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Dear Reader,

We are into our last couple weeks of my Small Business Marketing 101 series. I hope you have enjoyed the direction these posts have gone in. Once complete, I will be combing all of SBM 101 posts into a single downloadable PDF. Be patient though. I have a number of projects going on at this time and it might take me a couple weeks to complete this.

I am excited to the next couple series I will be running. I actually have two that I have been working on, blogging for business and using Twitter for business.

As always, I look forward to our conversation and I hope to hear about how your marketing efforts are improving your business.

Happy reading,

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Weekly Gems

Reporters Without Borders – Open Letter to Julien Assange of Wikileaks: The Wikileaks organization has definitely made an effort to be heard over the last several months. Regardless of which side of the debate you fall on, their story will have a number of impacts on our government, the Internet, and how we do business. In this letter to Julien Assange, Wikileaks CEO, Reports Without Borders raise a number of challenges to the recent release of US intelligence reports.

The 5 New Rules of Social Media Optimization: In this excellent post, Rohit Bhargava talks about 5 critical insights that help your social media efforts become relevant and successful. It is an interesting look at how you can switch from an SEO (search engine optimization) focus to SMO (social media optimization). I think the only thing I would add to Rohit’s list is to take a sincere interest in helping people improve their own efforts.

10 Sources for Better Conversation: Whether you are running a website, blog or other social media, Chris Brogan offers up 10 great resources for how you can connect in meaningful ways with your customers. If you aren’t a follower of Chris’ you really should consider it. Chris consistently offers up some of the most helpful and insightful tips and ideas around.

Let’s Raise Kids To Be Entrepreneurs: In this amazing TED presentation, Cameron Herold makes the case for why we should be revamping our education system to empower tomorrow’s youth to become leaders in a new entrepreneurial movement.

Weekly Recap

Monday – 5 Customer Loyalty Lessons from Great Companies
Tuesday – Customer Loyalty: It Takes Time
Wednesday – Positioning: You Can Do It The Hard Way Or The Easy Way
Thursday – Marketing That Matters
Friday – Entertainment: Increasing Customer Loyalty


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