Entertainment: Increasing Customer Loyalty (SBM 101)

Small Business Marketing 101Old Spice GuyWe’ve been talking about how to increase customer loyalty over the last couple days. The first rule of the game is that you must offer a product or service that is worthwhile. After that, you need to take a close look at who your customers and determine what might appeal the most to them:

  • Do they need a good laugh?
  • Are they looking for a higher purpose?
  • Might you tap into their emotions via nostalgia, life’s high points or other meaningful times?
  • Are they looking for solutions to their problems and are afraid to try new things?

Let’s start with this first question? Finding a unique way to help your customers enjoy their day while engaging with your brand or product is one way to connect with customers on a meaningful level.

Consider the amazingly successful Old Spice Guy campaign. People love the ads and the social media tactics employed by their marketing team was spot on. They knew their audience well and they engaged them in ways that mattered (television, YouTube, Twiiter, etc.). Besides the wonderfully crafted dialogue, the campaign was rather simple to execute.

The true genius behind the campaign was how they engaged influential users on a personal level. No one was off limits, not even stars like Alyssa Milano. Check out the following examples:

This approach to customer engagement is hardly new though. Several years ago, BMW filmed a series of movie shorts starring several big-name stars (including Clive Owen). Did the movies help to directly sell cars? Was there a pitch going on? Here are one of the movies:

Burger King's Subsurvient ChickenOne final “entertainment” campaign that you might consider is Burger King’s subservient chicken. Faced with increased competition and trying to refresh their image, Burger King launched a website featuring a 6′ tall chicken that responded to your every command.

What did it have to do with selling chicken sandwiches or hamburgers? I’ll let you decide that; however, the campaign was incredibly successful and still gets visited regularly today.

Would your customers want to be entertained? IF so, what could you do to have some fun with them? Would you use an online campaign or do something fun right in your store?


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