Marketing that Matters (SBM 101)

Small Business Marketing 101Are you interested in finding meaningful ways to improve your marketing? Do you want to connect with your customers in ways that will drive loyalty through the roof?

Of all the resources that I could recommend, there is none better than Bob Gilbreath’s book, “The Next Evolution of Marketing” (amazon affiliate link). Bob’s book is by far the best book around for business owners and marketers that are interested in developing marketing that surpasses the intrusive and often ignore marketing of old.

I have recommended Bob’s book to numerous people and have not heard a negative thing about it from anyone. It is by far the best book I read last year (2009).

If you would like to get a feel for the types of issues Bob discusses in the book, I would also recommend taking a look at his blog. It is one of my favorite blogs and I always look forward to Bob’s posts.


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