5 Customer Loyalty Lessons from Great Companies

Small Business Marketing 101As you thought about the businesses you love, what came to mind? What did they do that earned your trust and love?

As I considered the brands and companies I love most, a few things came to mind:

  • Zappos shirt - 50kThe Puppy Lounge – They are a business that knows how to care for people and puppies. They care about about providing a service that goes far beyond puppy sitting.
  • Osprey – They make great outdoor equipment. Okay, that is understating it. These guys make the best packs around. They have spent the time necessary to make equipment that is innovative, beautiful and won’t let you down.
  • Nike – I have been buying Nike running shoes since I was about 20 years old. They make great shoes, but they don’t stop there. Nike tells an amazing story, one that the athlete in us yearns for.
  • Beans and Brews – They make great coffee, love doing it, and love taking care of their customers even more.
  • Apple – Beautifully designed products that work every time and are easy to use.
  • Food Network – Amazing food shared by a number of remarkable people.
  • So You Think You Can Dance – The art of the human body shared by a group of remarkably passionate people.
  • IDEO – Passionate people bringing innovation to life.
  • Zappos – Delivering wow by providing the world’s best customer service.

What resonates? What can we take away from companies like these? Here is what I would say:

  1. At the heart of all these businesses are passionate people who love what they are doing.
  2. They are human and believe in treating their customers with dignity and respect.
  3. They make great products or provide remarkable services.
  4. None of them market to the masses.
  5. They are all extremely profitable (even in the midst of the worst recession in history).

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