Weekly Gems and Recap

View along the trail to the Timpanogos peakWeekly Gems

Cup of Joe: I Hate Good Ideas – Having good ideas is a good thing. Doing something with them is what matters.

Dark Forces Are Gathering – Eric Karjaluoto pulls no punches in this look at our changing capitalist system.

Our Future Depends Upon a Culture of Entrepreneurship – In this post, Jay Ehret lays out the case that many Americans have allowed themselves to become dependent upon the system instead of relying on their ingenuity, ability to innovate and create an amazing world. It is a great argument and something worth thinking about.

Building a Great Team – What is one of the biggest reasons businesses are successful? Quite often, assembling a remarkable team to support and help you business thrive is something that is ignored or set aside because of the difficulties that come in finding them.

Weekly Recap

Monday: Understanding and Delivering On Customer Wants

Bonus: Pilot Gives Email a Personality

Tuesday: What Politicians Can Teach You About Understanding Customers

Wednesday: Social Marketing Lessons – I Care About Your Success

Thursday: Do Fans Matter?

Friday: Moving From Fans to Loyalists


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