SBM 101: Moving from Fans to Loyalists

Small Business Marketing 101Let’s move onto the last section of the marketing pyramid, meaning, the area where truly loyal shoppers are earned.

Think about your loyalties. What businesses do you frequent and will refuse to go elsewhere when the subject is raised. If a products company doesn’t come to mind, consider service providers.

I have a couple examples from my own life. First, and I am not afraid to admit this, my wife and I frequent a puppy daycare facility. Marketing Loyalty PyramidYeah, yeah, I know, it sounds a little strange. But here’s our reasoning. We love our dog. He is part of our family and we genuinely want to provide him with the best home possible. Cassie and I work some long days and are fairly busy. Several months ago, Cassie heard about a place called The Puppy Lounge.

From the moment we went into the place, not only did we get treated well, so did Charlie, our Shih Tzu. We literally have dozens of stories about the good things the crew at The Puppy Lounge have done for us and for Charlie. He seems to love the place and Cassie, well, she’s hooked.

The second example that I would love to share might also sound silly, but it matters. Years ago, I sold my first home. The gentleman that help me do it, Shane Mozaffari, owner of, showed up to help. He treated me and my business like gold. Throughout the entire process, he made sure I felt comfortable with everything that was going on; his communication was superb; and, even after the home was sold, he checked up with me to ensure I was happy. When I think of real estate, Shane is who I go to first.

Think about the businesses you are loyal to. Write down a few of the characteristics that you love about them. Study those characteristics. Do you see any interesting characteristics that jump out to you. I do and we will talk about those things on Monday.

Have an amazing weekend.


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