SBM 101: Do Fans Matter?

Small Business Marketing 101What is the value of a fan? Can they help you grow in the short and long term?

Do fans matter to your business’ success? Yes.

Focusing on the middle of the marketing pyramid will help you build a strong fan base. As you identify and address customer wants within your business, customers will come to appreciate what you have done. But don’t mistake a fan for a diehard loyalist.

Marketing Loyalty PyramidFans are fickle. Just watch any Utah Jazz game to learn about fans. When the Jazz are winning, their fans love them. When they are struggling, you can often hear boos and jeers from the crowd. Business and brand fans are the same. If you are doing something they love, you will hear about it and they will talk about you. But when you slow down or don’t have any major marketing initiatives going, they won’t care that much.

Fans are important. Love you fans and treat them well. Find ways to go beyond your normal customer service when caring for them. Why? They talk. They tell stories about you to their family, friends and coworkers. Simply put, a well-targeted campaign directed at your fans is a great way to build word of mouth.

What are you doing to build your business’ fan base? How do you cultivate this relationship? What is the most interesting thing you have done for your fans? How did they respond?


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