Social Marketing Lessons: I Care About Your Success

I have met a variety of great people online. Fellow marketers, authors, teachers – the list goes on. One that stands out is Roy Osing, author of BE DiFFFERENT or be dead. He found this blog and discovered severalmof my book reviews. Then he contacted me via Twitter (@jwsokol) and recommended that I read his book.

I read it, enjoyed it, learned many great ideas, and posted an honest review of the book. He even answered a bunch of questions I had that I later used as an interview.

Since then, we have stayed in contact through Twitter and I read Roy’s blog on a regular basis. He also keeps tabs on my blog and posts a comment now and then.

This is what social media is about and Roy is a great example of someone that gets it. I have learned many good things from Roy, but this is probably the most important gift of all.

Social Media is about building and nurturing good karma. I would love to make an offer to all of you. I would like to form a small, strategic blog alliance where a small group of us team up and commit to promoting one another’s blogs and potentially write a few guest posts. If you are interested, please email me (jwsokol at or send me a tweet (@jwsokol).

I look forward to hearing from you. Please email this post to anyone who might be interested.


3 thoughts on “Social Marketing Lessons: I Care About Your Success

  1. Thanks Jason. I appreciate the support and would be very interested in participating in your Blog Alliance. Let me know what you would like me to do.
    Your idea is a very good one (a BE DiFFERENT one actually) as a way of building a tribe of writers.
    Good stuff,

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