SBM 101: Understanding and Delivering On Customer Wants

Small Business Marketing 101How can you figure out what your customers want? What types of goods and services are your potential customers looking for? What types of things could you be doing today that would move your customers from not caring about you to fans of your business?

How do you discover customer wants?

Marketing Loyalty Pyramid

Ask them. Spend some time with your customers. Pull them aside and chat for a bit. Find out what they are concerned with and determine if it is something you can do. Call them on the phone and thank them for their business. Find out what you could be doing better.

Watch them. Observe how customers shop your store. Sit down with them and see how they use your website. Note the difficulties they have. Talk to them after and find out if they had frustrations, what they liked, and which features could be improved.

Understand the trends. Keep a close eye on the economy, shopping habits, and general social beliefs. By watching these closely and doing something about them, you can jump out ahead of your competition. Are customers trying to live healthier? What could your business be doing to tap into this potential? As consumers begin to understand the need to become more environmentally aware, what will you do to make your business greener, offer greener products, and provide greener solutions? These are just a couple examples of trends that you might consider.

As you talk to your customers, watch their behaviors and understand the trends, you then have to determine which issues you can act on and then do something. As you address your customers’ wants, remember to evaluate your progress and make adjustments along the way.

What is one thing you could do today to address your customer wants? Do something about it.


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