Pilot Gives Email A Personality

My friend and colleague, Kathy emailed me a link to a cool service that is now being offered by Pilot, the pen manufacturer. The company has created a service that allows you to use your handwriting in emails.

They have also created a great video talking about why they did this. I love the story they tell in the video, check it out:

What problem are they solving? According to them, online writing has lost its personality and Pilot wants to solve that by helping you use your own handwriting. This is a cool concept and marketing campaign, especially for those people who have great handwriting (I am not one of them). Personally, I’d say that computers have leveled the playing field, allow us to share great content and not frilly handwriting.

But it is limited. You have to use Pilot’s email utility to send messages from. Because of the limited font ability on the Web, that’s about the only way to make it work (at least for now).

Here’s what I wish Pilot would do (I don’t even know if this is possible, but it seems like it would be). Once you’ve scanned my handwriting and processed it into my system, send me a free font set based on my handwriting. You never know, that might actually be something I’d pay a nominal fee for.  Better yet, run a campaign where you will send me my personal font with the purchase of a pilot product(s).

Love the concept. Now I wish they would take it one step further.


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