Weekly Gems and Recap

Weekly Gems

Smart Hiring is Key to Culture (Video) – check out this video of Tony Hsieh discussing the importance of hiring right when building an amazing corporate culture.

The ROI of Social Media Marketing – measuring your social media efforts should go far beyond simple analytics. Check out Augie Ray’s great post about why social media’s value goes far beyond dollars and cents.

Who Do You Write Like – This fun little online tool will compare your writing to the writing of great authors and tell you who you write like. Read a review of the service and then give it a try.

What’s Your Remarkable Point of View? – Another excellent post by Roy Osing, author of  BE DiFFERENT or be dead. If you are trying to figure out how to position your company to win, Roy offers a simple, yet powerful, way to accomplish it.

The Four Burners Theory – Chris Guillebeau explores the “four burners” theory for organizing one’s life. It is a great read if you are having trouble finding balance. Also, there are some great comments that follow Chris’ post.

Weekly Recap

This week we concluded an incredibly important subject – employee engagement. This single factor can make or brake your marketing efforts. We also moved began discussing the customer loyalty factor.


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