Weekly Gems and Recap

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Weekly Gems

Jazz: The Ultimate in Naked Communications – If you are interested in improving your presentation skills, this post from the Presentation Zen blog will provide you with a fresh perspective on what really matters.

A Marketing Revolution: Sir Ken Roberts at TED discussing how “learning-focused” marketing can help you engage your customers on a whole new level.

Free Marketing Strategy Planning Template: This is a must have for any business that is interested in creating marketing that is simple and will help you win over the long term.

Weekly Recap

Monday – Everything Starts and Ends with Your Team – Your ability to inspire your team is critical. Why? They are the ambassadors of your business and as such, they can make or break you.

Tuesday – 3 Ways to Help Your Team Win and Build Trust – Taking a sincere interest in your team is critical to building trust and getting them on board with your short and long-term marketing initiatives. Learn about three things you can do to achieve this.

Wednesday – Getting Your Team Involved – What an Texas pub is doing to align their team with their brand.

Thursday – Using Summer Camp as a Model for Employee Engagement – Yes, you heard that right. Summer camp is an experience that breeds loyalty, great memories and life-long friendships. Small businesses that can emulate this model are bound for success.

Friday – Engaging Your Team – a list of resources and ideas from around the web that can help you build an amazing team.


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