SBM 101: Engaging Your Team – Ideas from Around the Web

Small Business Marketing 101Throughout the week we have been discussing how your employees can become your most valuable marketing resource. Instead of spending another day sharing my ideas with you, I thought we’d look at some of the best ideas from around the web. Make sure you take a few minutes to check out these posts and give these blogs a visit.

gold fish being led by a single green fishFive Steps to Engaging Your Employees – In this excellent post, George Ambler shares 5 key ingredients to engaging your employees in a meaningful way. His second and fourth ideas really caught my attention.

10 Tips for Engaging Your Employees – I love how diverse many of these ideas are. This post reinforces a few of the points I made earlier this week; however, they do an excellent job touching on some issues that many of these lists miss out on, specifically “match projects, passions and proficiency” and “hiring engage-able employees.”

Engaging Your Employees Essential: A C-suite perspective on what has to happen among company execs in order to improve employee engagement and success.

10 Strategies for Engaging Your Employees: Though I would have probably called this article “10 Tactics for Engaging Your Employees,” Rick provides all of us with a great list of ideas to work from. One of my favorite issues that he touches on is the importance of giving your team opportunities to make autonomous decisions. I couldn’t agree with you more!

9 Ways to Keep Employees Engaged: JoAnna Brandi helps us take an inward look at issues we might have to address with ourselves before we actually engage our teams. First and foremost, she reminds us that everyone can contribute and bring value to a project. We simply have to be open to allowing them in.

Engaging your Employees During Difficult Economic Times: Allison Grace offers a great perspective on what employers can do for their team members that actually matter. Often times we offer our teams things we think are important. Allison’s ideas appear to be more in sync with what the actual employees would want. Nice work Allison.


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