Microsoft to Challenge the iPad: Updated

Steve BallmerCNET reported that Steve Ballmer has set his sights on the iPad. Really? This is news? Is this the best leadership Microsoft can find? Is Ballmer that narrow minded that he is willing to focus this much attention on another stellar Apple product? Let’s take a quick journey back in time to some other Ballmer mistakes:

  1. Microsoft devoted a ton of resources to take on the iPod. The result was the Zune, basically a bad copycat of the iPod.
  2. Microsoft takes on OSX. In doing so, they failed with several crappy versions of Windows (Millenium, XP, Vista) before finally setting on copying OSX and creating Windows7. Great work guys.

And now micro-focused Microsoft is poised to take on the iPad.

Is Ballmer really that tactically driven? What are all the IQ tests being given for in Redmond?

No one should wonder why Apple has continually kicked Microsoft’s butt. Jobs is strategically driven. He is create and innovative. His teams are out to create the best products running on the best platforms. Ballmer, well… he’s focused on the iPad.


Ballmer announced that their iPad knockoff will print to printers. Now that is what I call differentiation. By the way, isn’t there an app for that in the app store???


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