SBM 101: Getting Your Team Invovled

Small Business Marketing 101The Delivering Happiness team recently posted a great article about a small Texas business called the Six Lounge. In it, they revealed how this bar has remained incredibly success while many of its competitors have struggled in the economy of the last several years. Their secret – they got their team involved.

Six LoungeSix’s owners were interested in becoming a great business so they looked at what they could emulate from other successful businesses. They started by learning everything they could about Zappos and what they learned helped them to stand apart from other local businesses.

For them, it all came down to several simple things. First, they became more open and shared more of the business’ financial info so the team understood when they were winning and losing. Second, they totally revamped their employee meetings. If you’re interested in learning more about what the Six team did to succeed, you should read the full article.

Have you found other small businesses that have succeeded by getting their teams involved? What are they doing to get their team involved? More specifically, what are you doing to get your team involved?

Here are some great resources if you are interested in taking your team to the next level:


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