SBM 101: Everything Starts and Ends with Your Team

Small Business Marketing 101It is incredible to think that after working so hard and investing so much of your time and money into your small business, you success might come down to one critical detail – your team. If you’ve been successful, how have you got your team involved in supporting your business? How do you inspire them to support it with the same passion you have?

Getting your team on board with your vision might be your biggest challenge ever. If you want to create something special, they will be the ones that will help you get their. You simply can’t do it on your own.

Joe GirardiOne of my best friends is a New York Yankees fan and he has shared the story of their coack, Joe Girardi. Joe is a passionate leader and he wanted to do everything possible to lead the Yankees to their 27th championship. So he did a simple thing – he requested to wear the number 27 on his jersey.

It was a simple act, but it was about more than symbols. That 27 became the team’s inspiration to be better and to do great things. Girardi had provided them with a clear vision and purpose. They were determined to make it a reality.

What symbols or icons do you use to inspire your team? Do they have a clear understanding of your vision and mission?

Here are some great blog posts on leadership:


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