Weekly Gems: 5 Great Stories and the Weekly Recap

fireworks over lakeHappy Pioneer day to all my fellow Utahans. Hopefully you and your family can catch some great fireworks this evening. It is Saturday and that means it is time for our weekly wrap up and five of the best stories and posts I found this week.

Can gaming save humanity? That is what Jan McGonigal proposed in her recant TED presentation. I read about Jan McGonigal on Chris Brogan’s blog and I am still thinking threw how much or little I agree with her position – “gaming can make the world better.” It is an interesting perspective. Take a look:

Is the Old Spice guy gone? That kinda sucks, but you have to give them credit. They made their move, did it well, and got out. In the process, they put together one of the best media campaigns around, especially from the social media perspective. Here’s a great article about how the Old Spice Guy even helped one man propose.

social-friendly business cardHave you found any ingenious ways to  add social media to your business cards? Mashable put together a great post about some of the coolest business cards around.

Riding bikes just got way cool. Lance helped build the sport’s popularity. People for Bikes is an amazing campaign that has been launched to help raise awareness about biking and take steps to make America more bike friendly.

If you love shoes, then you have undoubtedly heard of Zappos. Check out this great article where Zappo’s founder, Nick Swinmurn, offers his advice for start ups.

Weekly Recap

Monday: The Art of Positioning – An introductory look at how small businesses can position themselves to win against their competitors.

Tuesday: Blendtec – Making the Ordinary Extraordinary – how one company has taken a boring kitchen device and turned it into an incredibly profitable business. Hint – they make a bulletproof product and have a ton of fun marketing it.

Wednesday: Is It Really Possible to Differentiate? – Markets are saturated. Competition is growing. With all the big box retailers, online sellers and thousands of small businesses out there, is it possible to create a niche of your own? Yes.

Thursday: 8 Ways to Differentiate and Position Your Small Business – I can’t count. Make that 9.

Friday: Killer Service, Killer Differentiation – There is one simple way to stand out in today’s market. Give your customers something they absolutely deserve, amazing customer service.

Bonus Post: People for Bikes – The hippest bike movement around. Sign up today.


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