SBM 101: Your Brand is Not Your Logo; But It Matters

Small Business Marketing 101Sandy Dover recently posted a great article on branding and the NBA. In the article, he takes a close look at the new logos the Utah Jazz, Orlando Magic and the Golden State Warriors. Sandy’s insights are great and I had a blast reading his opinions about the three logos. Being a native Utahan, I am a little partial to the Jazz; however, Sandy’s eye for design is right on. Of the three logos, the Warrior’s logo definitely communicates the strongest message. Great logo design is important and businesses need to understand that logos play a big part in communicating what the company is all about. However, there is one mistake that you will want to watch – your logo is not your brand.

Golden State Warriors' JerseyBranding goes far beyond your logo. In order to influence your brand effectively, you should adopt the perspective of your customers (both existing and perspective) to get a good idea of what they experience when they walk into your store, call on the phone or visit your website.  One of the most powerful things you can do is to jump into your customer’s shoes and take a look at your business with a fresh perspective. Your logo is one small part of the bigger picture that helps influence what your customers think.

What does your logo communicate to your customers? What types of messages does it convey? Does it convey anything special? Does it represent your point of differentiation?


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