SBM 101: 10 things you should understand about your brand

Small Business Marketing 101There are lots of different definitions of what a brand is and, depending on who you talk to, each of them can look very different. Here is an list of important things you need to understand about branding:

  • A brand is simply how the world views your business.
  • You own the business, not the brand.
  • You can have an influence on the brand, but in the end, it is defined by your fans and enemies.
  • Your brand is built at every intersection between your business and the consumer.
  • Great businesses understand this last point and leave nothing to chance.
  • These intersections are often called touch points.
  • Great businesses work hard to ensure that every touch point consistently communicates the same type of emotion, meaning or story.
  • Minor details can have a drastic impact on your brand.
  • Great brands have promoters and detractors. Don’t like the idea of having detractors? Tough. When you are good at something some people will naturally hate you and find fault anywhere they can.
  • The best brands have meaning. They are about something other than selling stuff. They stand for something. But there is an important point to this – they are specific about what they are and they don’t make the mistake of trying to be too much.

This is fun stuff! What would you add to the list? What things do you do to influence your brand for the better? How do you handle promoters and detractors?


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