Small Business Marketing 101One of the tactics that some businesses use to build great stories about their products is to get their customers to help them out by sharing their own stories and experiences with the brand. One company this is doing a great job of this at the moment is Eddie Bauer.

Eddie Bauer's Amazing Stories Amazing PeopleTake a look at the company’s website. They are using it to tell so many great stories about their heritage and 90th anniversary. A little further down on the site’s homepage is a link to “amazing stories, amazing people.” The cool thing is that it is a repository of stories from their customers. There are all kinds of stories about how their customers have had a whole lot of fun while using Eddie Bauer’s products. Some of the stories even relate how the company’s products helped save people’s lives.

Eddie Bauer also gives their customers an opportunity to share their own stories right on the page with a “Send Us Your Story” link. This is such a cool way to engage with your customers to learn how they are using your products and to help spread word of mouth about the great things you are doing.

Do you have ways for your customers to share their stories with you? Do you help “spread the word” by sharing your customers’ stories? Does your retail locations and website communicate your and your customers’ stories? If you are doing some of these things, what are the strategies and tactics that have worked best for you?

Here are some great resources to checkout as you work on your story:


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