Small Business Marketing 101Think for a minute about some of the brands that resonate most with you. As you do, is there a story or stories that come to mind about that brand? Could you tell them to others?

Having a great story to tell is not necessarily a requirement when developing a brand; however, if you have one, it can’t hurt. The reason why story is so important is because it is how we think. Our brain is wired to make connections and stories help make those connections. Great brands help consumers bring meaning into their lives by connecting through stories and adding meaning to their lives with those same stories.

Apple has dominated the news over the last couple of years and it is worth looking at the stories they tell over and over in order to build a stronger, more profitable brand. One of the main stories they tell is that of Steve Jobs. His history with the company is very well know. As its founder, he brought innovation and introduced the first Mac. Later on he was forced out of the company and while he was away, Apple floundered to be point of nearly going bankrupt. Jobs then returned and the company has flourished ever since.

Apple’s use of story doesn’t end there. Every product launch is an event – essentially a story about how life can be improved through the company’s products; how they are making life easier, funner and more fulfilling. The company also shares how creatives around the world use their products to solve all sorts of problems.

Here are several great resources to help you with your brand story:


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