SBM 101: Branding, Lady Gaga and Communicating Your Story

Small Business Marketing 101Lady GagaUndoubtedly, you have probably heard of Lady Gaga by now. She has taken the music world by storm and she has done this by building a remarkable brand that consistently delivers on the bizarre and extreme. She is a genius that understands that in order to be noticed and to matter, sometimes you have to go far beyond your competitors.

Susan Young recently wrote a great post about the pop singer’s rise. She writes:

She tells a story of how she was performing in a bar and was being ignored by the crowd.  Stefani didn’t want to be ignored, so she undressed down to her lingerie and started playing piano. Seems everyone began to notice Stefani Germanotta. Now the world is watching Stefani, who is better known as Lady Gaga.

Susan’s article describes five lessons that almost any brand can learn from as it attempts to be noticed.

Here are some questions to consider:

  1. Is your business different from the competition?
  2. Is it different in a way that matters?
  3. Is it different enough or do you need to push further out into the boundaries?
  4. What’s your “edgy” factor?

I loved Susan’s article and it is definitely worth reading. There is only one thing that I would add to her list – it’s a great story! That is one of the coolest things about great brands. They typically have a great story to share about their past and there are many hints about what lies in the future. Have you shared your story with your customers? How do you do this? What has worked best for you?

Here are several other great articles on how Lady Gaga has developed a great brand and fan base:


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