SBM 101: Passion 5

Small Business Marketing 101Let’s close out the discussion about passion with a look at how some retailers are inspiring their customers and team members by selecting a specific cause to support.

dave matthews singing

Is your business involved in any local or national causes?
Do your team members or customers get involved as well?
If you are involved in a cause, how are you telling this story?

For a look at what this might look like, consider a great music group – The Dave Matthews Band. Here is a band that has been successful for a number of years. They make great music and they put on a good show. But they understood that their fans would care more about the band if they supported the same things they did. So the band has tied themselves closely to the environmental movement. Right now, they are working with Brita to help eliminate plastic water bottles from our landfills by promoting the use of water filters.

Zappos has a pretty simple cause: Providing the best customer service possible. They have developed a culture where everyone in the company is focused on providing everyone in the company with an amazing experience. They understand a core concept – happy team members equals happy customers.

If you are interested in cause marketing as a way to inspire your team and guests, you might want to take a close look at a couple great books – Bob Gilbreath’s “The Next Evolution of Marketing” (amazon affiliate link) and Adam Werbach’s “Strategy for Sustainability” (amazon affiliate link).

Read more about cause marketing:


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